Is technology, especially AI, making us happier?

05 Feb 2024
You probably experienced it around the end-of-year party table. Or you read it in newspapers or blogs: people are worried. The general feeling of unhappiness in society seems to be increasing, and it looks like no end is in sight. One question that continues to cause alarm is whether technology, and the use of Artificial Intelligence in particular, is contributing to this increasing unhappiness or, on the contrary, happiness.

Digitalization in Construction: A Harmony Between Man and Machine

15 Dec 2023
In a world of constant technological evolution, the construction sector is undergoing a major transformation through its digitalization. Let's explore together how, despite technological advancements, construction remains intrinsically a matter of human beings, and how artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role of facilitator rather than a replacement.

The Perfect Storm

07 Nov 2023
The world today can be described as a perfect storm: A convergence of forces that impact us all at the same time.

A CDO is the tightrope walker of the 21st century

20 Sep 2023
The world is constantly changing, as are our companies, customers and shareholders. As a CDO, it is therefore always balancing on a very thin tightrope to keep all these stakeholders happy. Or is there a magic formula after all?